Bio of Darrell Case

Darrell Case grew up during a time when neighbors were respected friends and family was loved and cherished. From an early age his imagination ran wild. He roamed the pastures and fields as an explorer and built cabins out of 10-gallon milk cans and old sheets of tin. He played alone without being lonely.

Never an “A” student, Darrell perfected the art of hiding a novel behind a textbook. While his classmates labored over equations, Darrell sailed the seven seas, climbed mountains and fought in foreign wars, all within the confines of the hot, stifling classroom. In high school, his favorite room (yes, he did make it that far) was the library. There he devoured such books as Big Red and Lad of Sunnybrook, among others. To Darrell, an author’s ability to transport his or her reader to another time and place made them larger than life.

After high school, Darrell embarked on the lofty career of mowing graveyards. Spending hours alone, he dreamed of what life would hold for him. One afternoon a friend invited him to church. Although Darrell had attended another church for a brief period as a child, he never knew much about God. This friend took an interest in him and led him to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Later that year, Darrell spent a week at the Bill Rice Ranch, where he met such giants of the faith as John R. Rice, Dr. Lee Roberson and Robert L. Sumner. It was then that his perspective on life changed.

After a stint in the army, Darrell returned to Indiana to work as a hospital janitor and delivery clerk and later as a truck driver and security officer. He married Connie in 1979. Three years later, they began ministering in nursing homes and soon thereafter established a jail ministry in their home county. That ministry expanded to neighboring county jails and two state prisons. A few years later, prison ministry became the couple’s full-time pursuit.

In 1994, after returning from a mission’s trip to the Ukraine where he ministered at some of that country’s toughest prisons, Darrell received a postcard from a literary agent. The invitation to submit his work for possible publication turned out to be a come-on. However, that postcard piqued an aspiration that had lain dormant in Darrell since high school. He decided to try his hand at writing.

As with most budding authors, Darrell didn’t know how to write. Despite his talent as a vivid storyteller, his lack of attention in school left him with a lot to learn about the technicalities of English usage. Published in 1996, his revised version of Never Ending Spring was one of the first eBooks. An earlier version of it sold six copies. That same year Darrell began writing for a daily devotional titled “Call to Glory.” Today that publication has grown to the point where it’s considered the standard of daily devotions. According to its website, “Call to Glory” prints and distributes well over 30,000 copies per month.

In addition to writing devotionals, Darrell continued penning novels and being turned down by publishers, sometimes to the tune of two or three rejections a day.

In 2009, Darrell tucked in the manuscript of his inspirational non-fiction work, Live Life to the Fullest, with some gifts his wife was sending to friends. They read it and suggested he self- publish the book. Surprisingly, the first printing sold out quickly. This inspired Darrell to publish Out of Darkness, a Christian murder mystery, followed by a new rendition of Never Ending Spring. Today Darrell has eight books in print, with his ninth, Tales from My Back Porch, to be released in June 2017.

Darrell’s time continues to be divided between jail and prison ministry and writing.